National athlete reveals the secrets of how you can knock up to 12 minutes off your personal best without getting injured in the next 50 days

Why are 5k, 10k, half and full marathon runners of all abilities and competitive levels knocking minutes off their PB’s? 

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Ceri came to running later in life and was new to running longer distance. Frankly she lacked confidence as she really didn’t think she could improve any more at longer distances. Worse still, her breathing was all over the place and she was struggling to catch her breath properly when training, something very common when taking on longer distances for the first time. She had been running for around 2 years and like many runners who do it for their own leisure and fitness was frustrated because she had stopped improving her running times. She wanted to challenge herself but lacked the knowledge and support on how to go about getting better.

Drills are everything

She finally decided to seek out some help and reached out for a running session. It didn’t take long to work out why she had plateaued and shortly after she started on my Faster in 50 Programme specifically working on improving her running style and speed. Running drills were the key to sorting out her breathing issue as well as becoming more efficient so it felt more effortless for her when she ran.

Training structure is the best way to guarantee improvement

A structured programme enabled us to apply science to Ceri’s training where it’s practically impossible to fail at improving. This approach was one taught to me throughout my time as a Commonwealth Games 4x800m runner. We always worked hard but were trained with a scientifically based structure but also with patience and good humour. Ceri showed that by being consistent and following a plan you can push through plateaus and aim as high as you like. But the training needed to be put to the test.

Put to the test

As with any kind of program the training regime was going to be put to the test in a race setting so she entered the Great South Run. She had run it in the early days of moving up her distances before but this time she felt different. Ceri was keen to beat her previous best time and felt confident as she had put in a lot of hard work with my programme. The race went really well and she was absolutely delighted with her time as she smashed her personal best and knocked 14 minutes off her previous best time in this 10 miler. She called me right away, and to be honest, due to her being both totally out of breath and very excited I could hardly make out what she was saying (plus she went all high pitched on me). But, I got the gist and was massively made up for her – but wasn’t at all surprised as all of those on the Faster in 50 program were achieving similar results with PBs all over the place.

Oh, and there’s more…

The other thing she casually mentioned is that the bonus of the programme was she lost 2 stone easily through a combination of structured progressive exercise and improving her diet.

She is now very confident in what she can achieve with her running and continues to keep up the training regime in our online group sessions.

You can join Ceri for less than a packet of blister plasters per day!

For less than 35p per day you can get the results Ceri got through structured training, drills a more efficient training plan as well as a community of like-minded runners all eager to improve. And if that’s not enough you get access to me too as I help, support and coach you along the way.

Here’s what you get.

  • How you can get a 5k PB in 4 weeks
  • A simple way to rearrange your training so you run more effortlessly
  • The one thing an international running coach told me to get into the record books
  • How to avoid the top three mistakes that all runners make
  • Structured plans telling you exactly how fast to run.
  • Specific 5k 10k 10 mile half marathon and marathon plans- Taking the guess work out and having a system that will get them faster - no more just running at one speed all the time
  • Access to Paul in his private members running group on Facebook so you can ask questions, get support from the community and help others too!

So here’s the thing. I am making this available to you for a very low monthly fee.

The membership is well worth many times the subscription but when I really thought about it, I wanted it to be easily accessible to everyone at a price they didn’t have to worry about.

The monthly fee is less than the price of a Starbucks Sandwich and grande cup of latte.

But here’s the thing, and the reason you should just skip to the subscribe button below, is that you get 7 days to try it out for just £1.

Now you can’t even get a filter coffee for that!

So here is a reminder of the programme:

  • Running efficiency program - getting you moving more efficiently with less impact on your joints and muscles so you get injured less
  • Learn the secrets to improved energy levels so you can run faster for longer
  • Specific exercises added to each month that help reduce the risk of injury
  • 24 hours a day 365 days a year (maybe not Christmas day!) access to a coach in private members FB group to answer any questions and help you improve week on week.
  • Access to Interviews with runners who have inspiring stories and Olympic athletes.
  • The faster in 50 programs will get you faster more efficient and give you the support and coaching that you need.

Who created Faster in 50?

I am Paul and I was a national record holder for 4x800m and have competed in both national and international finals. As an ex-professional runner, I have worked with some of the country’s leading coaches, physiotherapists and nutritionists and look forward to sharing my knowledge and expertise with you.

Paul Laslett Faster in 50 coach

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So, if that sounds like what you need, then what are you waiting for?

Be like Ceri and many, many others and get your PB with the right kind of training and avoid those nasty injuries.Check out these videos below:

What are you waiting for?

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